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Susan B. Anthony to Ida Husted Harper upon the death of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

28 October 1902

250—West 94th street
New York—  Tuesday—Oct. 28, 1902.

Dear Mrs Harper—

I found my nephew Arthur at the Station last night—went direct to his house—Graham Court—Corner of 116th & 7th avenue—  after dinner—first, I had Arthur telegraph you—& then after dinner I telephoned Hattie Stanton that I was here—and she came over immediately—with Nora—who had arrived in the a.m.—and Bob & their Cousin—  Well, it is an awful hush—it seems impossible—that the voice is hushed—that I have longed to hear for 50 years—longed to get her opinion of things—before I knew exactly where I stood—  It is all at sea—but the Laws of Nature are still going on—with no shadow or turning—  What a world it is—it goes right on & on—no matter who lives or who dies!!

They have had a cablegram from Mrs Jacob Bright of England—showing how one the nations are—the whole world knows of the fact!— The Sun had good Editorial this a.m.—  The Tribune very good—  The Times—  I do not know—I can think of nothing—  The Telegram—(Evening)—had reporter at my nephews this a.m.—and the Sun Reporter met me as I came out—but oh the lack of knowledge—  I wish Vol. IV—was done—so we could give it to everyone who asks—  How shall we ever make the world intelligent—  as ever

Susan B. Anthony