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The Trial of Susan B. Anthony

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Cartoon, SBA in Uncle Sam Costume

Daily Graphic, v. 1, no. 81 (5 June 1873).

"The Woman Who Dared"

Prepared by Ann D. Gordon in collaboration with the History Office of the Federal Judicial Center, 2005.


The Trial of Susan B. Anthony: A Short Narrative
The Federal Courts and Their Jurisdiction
The Judicial Process: A Chronology
Legal Questions Before the Federal Courts
Legal Arguments in Court
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After Susan B. Anthony succeeded in voting in the congressional and presidential elections of 1872, the federal government launched a criminal prosecution of her for voting without a legal right to do so. After her indictment in January 1873, she went on trial in the U.S. Circuit Court for the Northern District of New York in June 1873. Found guilty, she was fined $100 and ordered to pay the costs of the prosecution. She paid neither sum.

The site includes primary sources as well as narratives about the judicial process, Susan B. Anthony's response to her prosecution, and the legal and political issues raised by her case.