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An Awful Hush, 1895 to 1906

Volume 6 of The Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

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1.19–20 December 1895Diary of SBA
2.21 December 1895ECS to Pilgrim Mothers' Dinner
3.21–22 December 1895Diary of SBA
4.14 January 1896SBA to Frances E. Willard
5.18 January 1896Frances E. Willard to SBA
6.24 January 1896ECS to Clara Bewick Colby
7.28 January 1896ECS to Clara Bewick Colby
8.28 January 1896Remarks of SBA to National- American Woman Suffrage Association
9.c. 31 January 1896Interview with SBA by Nellie Bly
10.5 February 1896ECS to Clara Bewick Colby
11.10 February 1896SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
12.10 February 1896SBA to ECS
13.29 February 1896ECS to Editors, Critic
14.4 March 1896Grace Channing-Stetson to ECS
15.11–12 March 1896Diary of SBA
16.13 March 1896Remarks by SBA to Meeting in Los Angeles
17.13–14 March 1896Diary of SBA
18.c. 17 March 1896Interview of SBA
19.20 March 1896SBA to Mary McHenry Keith
20.April? 1896SBA to ECS
21.9 April 1896SBA to Lillie Devereux Blake
22.1–2 May 1896Diary of SBA
23.3 May 1896Lecture by SBA at A.M.E. Zion Church
24.3–4 May 1896Diary of SBA
25.14 June 1896Theodore W. Stanton to ECS
26.24 June 1896Harriot Stanton Blatch to ECS
27.3 July 1896SBA to Harriot Stanton Blatch
28.24 July 1896ECS to Theodore W. Stanton
29.26 July 1896SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
30.1 August 1896Article by SBA: Woman Suffrage Must Be Non-Partisan
31.1 August 1896SBA to Jessie Anthony
32.4 August 1896SBA to Jenkin Lloyd Jones
33.11 August 1896SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
34.15 August 1896ECS to Charles P. Somerby
35.20 August 1896ECS to Clara Bewick Colby
36.26 August 1896Article by ECS: Specially Inspired Men
37.29 August 1896SBA to Jessie Anthony
38.8 September 1896SBA to ECS
39.8 September 1896ECS to William McKinley
40.19 September 1896SBA to ECS
41.before 20 September 1896ECS to Editor, New York Journal
42.22 September 1896Mary S. Anthony to ECS
43.30 September 1896SBA to Mary S. Anthony
44.16 October 1896Interview of SBA
45.1–3 December 1896Diary of SBA
46.4 December 1896Remarks by SBA to National Council of Women
47.5 December 1896Article by ECS: The Woman's Bible
48.24 December 1896SBA to Lillie Devereux Blake
49.4 January 1897SBA to Caroline Bartlett Crane
50.c. 8 January 1897SBA to ECS
51.29 January 1897Meeting of National-American Woman Suffrage Association
52.13 February 1897ECS to SBA
53.21 February 1897Remarks by SBA to Cuban Hospital Relief Association
54.26 February 1897SBA to Rachel Foster Avery
55.12 March 1897SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
56.27 March 1897Theodore Tilton to ECS
57.8 April 1897SBA to Frances E. Willard
58.2 May 1897Article by ECS: Recalled by the Grant Pageant
59.9 May 1897SBA to Lydia Coonley Ward
60.26 May 1897SBA to Daniel R. Anthony
61.June 1897Article by ECS: Reading the Bible in the Public Schools
62.30 June 1897ECS to Margaret Bryan Shelby
63.29 July 1897Speech by SBA to Berkshire County Historical Society
64.23 August 1897SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
65.7 September 1897SBA to ECS
66.8 September 1897SBA to Anna H. Shaw
67.c. 21 September 1897ECS to Clara Bewick Colby, with enclosures
68.28 September 1897Isabel Howland to SBA
69.5 October 1897SBA to Isabel Howland
70.10 October 1897Isabel Howland to SBA
71.20 October 1897Verse by ECS for daughter's birthday
72.29 October 1897ECS to Harriot Stanton Blatch
73.November 1897Article by ECS: Two Valuable Gifts
74.16 November 1897Mary S. Anthony to SBA
75.26 November 1897ECS to Elizabeth Root
76.1 December 1897SBA to ECS
77.27 December 1897ECS to Lucinda Hinsdale Stone
78.29 December 1897John Swinton to ECS
79.1 January 1898ECS to SBA
80.18 January 1898SBA to Rachel Foster Avery
81.26 January 1898ECS to Theodore W. Stanton
82.26 January 1898Frances E. Willard to SBA
83.14 February 1898Remarks by SBA to National- American Woman Suffrage Association
84.14 February 1898Address by ECS: Our Defeats and Our Triumphs
85.17? February 1898Helen Appo Cook to SBA
86.28 February 1898ECS to Editors, Woman's Journal
87.8 March 1898ECS to Olivia Bigelow Hall
88.25 April 1898SBA to Jane Lathrop Stanford
89.9 May 1898ECS to Marietta Holley
90.11 May 1898SBA to Business Committee
91.17 May 1898ECS to Wendell P. Garrison
92.21 May 1898Article by ECS: War or Peace
93.24 May 1898Florence Kelley to ECS
94.27 May 1898SBA to Business Committee
95.30 May 1898SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
96.14 June 1898Robert K. Beach to SBA
97.9 July 1898Article by ECS: Bible as a Moral Guide
98.30 July 1898ECS to Clara Bewick Colby
99.10 September 1898Article by ECS: Woman's Position in the Bible
100.4 October 1898ECS to Victoria Woodhull Martin
101.7 October 1898Remarks by SBA to meeting on coeducation
102.14 October 1898Marietta Holley to ECS
103.14 October 1898Robert G. Ingersoll to ECS
104.30 October 1898SBA to Emmeline Woodward Wells
105.2 December 1898SBA to ECS
106.c. 4 December 1898ECS to SBA
107.7 December 1898SBA to Ida Husted Harper
108.17 December 1898SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
109.c. 23 December 1898SBA to Anna H. Shaw
110.1 January 1899Diary of SBA
111.2 January 1899SBA et al. to House Committee on Elections
112.2–6 January 1899Diary of SBA
113.7 January 1899SBA to Robert R. Hitt
114.7–13 January 1899Diary of SBA
115.14 January 1899ECS and SBA: Open Letter to Thomas B. Reed
116.14 January 1899Diary of SBA
117.15 January 1899Appeal: Petition for Women of Hawaii
118.15 January 1899Diary of SBA
119.before 13 February 1899ECS to Editor, New York Sun
120.c. 4 March 1899Interview with ECS
121.6 March 1899Henry B. Blackwell to SBA
122.9 March 1899William F. Channing to ECS
123.15 March 1899SBA to Mary Hutcheson Page
124.17 March 1899SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
125.27 April 1899Speech by SBA to National- American Woman Suffrage Association
126.3 May 1899Resolution by ECS for National- American Woman Suffrage Association
127.3 May 1899Interview with ECS
128.12 May 1899SBA to Rachel Foster Avery
129.13 May 1899SBA to Herbert S. Stone and Company
130.14 June 1899ECS to Lillie Devereux Blake
131.14–22 June 1899Diary of SBA
132.24 June 1899Article by ECS: A Trailing Dress and No Pocket
133.21 July 1899ECS to William Lloyd Garrison, Jr.
134.22 July 1899Article by ECS: The Woman's Suffrage Association
135.26 July 1899William Lloyd Garrison, Jr., to ECS
136.23 October 1899SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
137.31 October 1899Samuel Gompers to SBA
138.10 November 1899Remarks by SBA to New York State Federation of Women's Clubs
139.12 November 1899Emily Parmely Collins to ECS
140.c. 20 November 1899Statement by ECS
141.29 November 1899SBA to Samuel Gompers
142.2 February 1900SBA to John F. Shafroth
143.4 February 1900John F. Shafroth to SBA
144.7 February 1900Interview with ECS
145.12 February 1900Report and Remarks by SBA to National-American Woman Suffrage Association
146.13 February 1900Testimony by ECS to House Committee on Judiciary
147.15 February 1900Verse by ECS for SBA's birthday
148.March 1900Article by ECS: Are Homogeneous Divorce Laws in All the States Desirable?
149.12 March 1900SBA to George F. Hoar
150.between 12 & 24 March 1900ECS to Lillie Devereux Blake
151.14 March 1900George F. Hoar to SBA
152.31 March 1900SBA to Priscilla Bright McLaren
153.15 April 1900SBA to Laura Clay
154.3 May 1900Remarks by SBA to Political Equality Club
155.28 May 1900Remarks by SBA to New England Woman Suffrage Association
156.3 June 1900Article by ECS: M'Kinley and the Women
157.5 June 1900Ida Husted Harper to ECS
158.7 June 1900SBA to Anna O. Anthony
159.11 June 1900SBA to ECS
160.25 July 1900SBA to Mary McHenry Keith
161.3 September 1900ECS to Editor, New York Tribune
162.8–11 September 1900Diary of SBA
163.6 October 1900Josephine Shatz to SBA
164.10 November 1900Diary of SBA
165.11 November 1900SBA to ECS
166.22 November 1900SBA to Fannie Rosenberg Bigelow
167.before 28 November 1900ECS to Editor, New York Evening Post
168.29 November 1900ECS to Editor, New York Sun
169.28 December 1900SBA to Carrie Chapman Catt
170.1 January 1901Interview with SBA
171.2 January 1901SBA to L. Burt Anthony
172.19 January 1901Book Review by ECS: Life and Letters of Thomas Huxley
173.2 February 1901ECS to Editor, New York Sun
174.15 February 1901ECS to Booker T. Washington
175.19 February 1901ECS to Lillie Devereux Blake
176.27 February 1901SBA to Alice Alt Pickler
177.4 March 1901SBA to William Van Benthuysen
178.8 March 1901SBA to Fannie Rosenberg Bigelow
179.before 9 March 1901ECS to Editors, Woman's Journal
180.2 April 1901ECS to Harriot Stanton Blatch
181.11 April 1901Ida Husted Harper to ECS
182.14 April 1901SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
183.May 1901Article by ECS: Rich and Poor
184.18 May 1901Speech by SBA to Rochester Council of Women
185.3 July 1901SBA to Catharine Waugh McCulloch
186.25 July 1901ECS to Elizabeth Boynton Harbert
187.4 August 1901SBA to Anna E. Dann
188.16 August 1901SBA to Anna E. Dann
189.27 August 1901SBA to Anna E. Dann
190.August 1901John C. Norton to ECS
191.6 November 1901SBA to Henry A. Baker
192.13 November 1901ECS to Theodore W. Stanton
193.27 November 1901SBA to William C. Gannett
194.5 December 1901Article by ECS: Education Will Do It
195.15 December 1901SBA to Emily Howland
196.20 January 1902M. Carey Thomas to SBA
197.22 January 1902ECS to Editor, New York Evening Post
198.26 January 1902ECS to Ida Husted Harper
199.12 February 1902Remarks by SBA to International Woman Suffrage Conference
200.18 February 1902Remarks by SBA to Senate Committee
201.19 February 1902Remarks by SBA to National Council of Women
202.27 February 1902Remarks by SBA to National Congress of Mothers
203.1 April 1902SBA to Elizabeth Lowe Watson
204.8 April 1902ECS to Clara Bewick Colby
205.20 April 1902Article by ECS: A Defence of Woman's Tears
206.23 June 1902SBA to Anna H. Shaw
207.15 September 1902ECS to SBA
208.25 September 1902Harriot Stanton Blatch to SBA
209.30 September 1902ECS to Ida Husted Harper
210.September 1902International Declaration of Principles
211.10 October 1902ECS to Editor, New York Evening Post
212.13 October 1902Article by ECS: How Shall We Solve the Divorce Problem?
213.15 October 1902Florence Beeton Everett to ECS
214.21 October 1902ECS to William R. Hearst
215.22 October 1902ECS to Theodore Roosevelt
216.25 October 1902ECS to Edith Carow Roosevelt, with enclosure
217.before 26 October 1902SBA to ECS
218.26 October 1902Telegrams from Harriot Stanton Blatch to SBA
219.27 October 1902Article by ECS: An Answer to Bishop Stevens
220.28 October 1902SBA to Friend
221.28 October 1902SBA to Ida Husted Harper
222.28 October 1902Lavina A. Hatch to SBA
223.31 October 1902SBA to Clara Bewick Colby
224.28 November 1902SBA to Mary McHenry Keith
225.22 December 1902Margaret Richardson Sievwright and Christina K. Henderson to SBA
226.26 January 1903Interview with SBA
227.4 February 1903SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
228.before 19 February 1903SBA to meeting on disfranchisement
229.11 March 1903Carrie Chapman Catt to SBA
230.18 March 1903Business Committee to Editor, Times-Democrat
231.18 March 1903Robert J. Burdette to SBA
232.29 March 1903SBA and Mary S. Anthony to Anna Dann Mason
233.Spring 1903Harriot Stanton Blatch to SBA
234.28 April 1903Remarks by SBA to meeting on disfranchisement
235.29 April 1903SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
236.25 May 1903Inscriptions by SBA to Adella Hunt Logan
237.9 June 1903Theodore W. Stanton to SBA
238.12 June 1903William Lloyd Garrison, Jr., to SBA
239.before 6 July 1903SBA to Margaret A. Haley
240.18 July 1903SBA to Herbert Putnam
241.22 July 1903Ainsworth R. Spofford to SBA
242.24 July 1903SBA to Ainsworth R. Spofford
243.30 July 1903SBA to Helen Leslie Gage
244.17 November 1903Speech by SBA to Judean Club
245.12 December 1903SBA to Elizabeth Browne Chatfield
246.15 December 1903SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
247.4 January 1904Last Will and Testament of SBA
248.19 January 1904SBA to Clara Spalding Ellis
249.15 April 1904SBA to Robert L. Stanton
250.before 28 May 1904SBA to Anna Dann Mason
251.17 June 1904SBA to Mary Lewis Gannett
252.c. 26 July 1904Interview with SBA
253.6 September 1904SBA to Jane Cobden Unwin
254.4–8 October 1904Diary of SBA
255.12 October 1904SBA to Catharine Waugh McCulloch
256.14 October–8 November 1904 Diary of SBA
257.before 12 November 1904SBA to Wisconsin Woman Suffrage Association
258.12–19 November 1904Diary of SBA
259.c. 2 December 1904SBA to Anna Osborne Anthony
260.after 3 December 1904Albert J. Beveridge to SBA
261.12 December 1904Remarks by SBA to Rochester Council of Women
262.17 December 1904SBA to Aletta H. Jacobs
263.22 December 1904SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
264.3 January 1905Thomas C. Platt to SBA
265.28 January 1905SBA to Mary McHenry Keith
266.28 January 1905SBA to George W. Martin
267.11 February 1905SBA to Julia Dodson Sheppard
268.20 February 1905SBA to Lucy Browne Johnston
269.24 February 1905SBA to Fannie Rosenberg Bigelow
270.24 February 1905SBA to Political Equality Club of Rochester
271.24 April 1905SBA to Ida Husted Harper
272.25 April 1905Interview with SBA
273.3 May 1905SBA to Charles K. Gallup
274.25 May 1905SBA to Ida Husted Harper
275.c. 12 June 1905SBA to Ellen Clark Sargent
276.22 June 1905SBA to Anna Dann Mason
277.3 July 1905Interview with SBA
278.28 July 1905Remarks by SBA at Woman's Clubhouse
279.30 July 1905Conversation between SBA and Celia Coyle
280.20 October 1905Henry A. Baker to SBA
281.6 November 1905SBA to Booker T. Washington
282.2 December 1905Samuel Gompers to SBA
283.8 December 1905SBA to Elizabeth Smith Miller
284.3 January 1906SBA to Rush Rhees
285.8 January 1906SBA to Grace A. Woodworth
286.20 January 1906Jenkin Lloyd Jones to SBA
287.8 February 1906College Evening of National-American Woman Suffrage Association
288.15 February 1906Remarks by SBA at birthday celebration
289.28 February 1906Lucy E. Anthony to Ida Husted Harper
290.2 March 1906Lucy E. Anthony to Elizabeth Smith Miller
291.6 March 1906Statement to press about SBA's health
292.13 March 1906Mabel Nichols to Maude Nichols