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Women Who Voted, 1868 to 1873 — Sorted Chronologically

Day Month Year City State Election Type Description of Events Source  
1 Mar 1868 Vineland NJ local election Portia K. Gage tried to vote and was refused because she had not registered. Rev., 26 Mar. 1868.  
2 Apr 1868 Topeka KS   Between 50 and 80 women voted. Rev., 30 Apr., 19 Nov. 1868.  
3 Apr 1868 Sturgis MI prohibition referendum In a separate ballot box, 120 women voted; 114 voted for prohibition. Rev., 30 Apr., 7 May, 3 Sept. 1868.  
4 May 1868 Passaic NJ local election Women voted at an election for Commissioner of Streets and Sidewalks. World, 5 May 1868.  
5 May 1868 Schenectady NY local election Women voted on erecting waterworks. World, 23 May 1868.  
6 Sept 1868 Lewiston ME   Taxpaying widow of a veteran applied to register. Rev., 1 Oct. 1868.  
7 Sept 1868 Sturgis MI school meeting Women voted in a school meeting. Rev., 24 Sept. 1868.  
8 Oct 1868 Mount Vernon NY local election Dorothy Ferguson, Mary H. Macdonald, M. Jeannette Farrand and Catharine M. White tried to vote. Rev., 15 Oct. 1868.  
9 Nov 1868 Lawrence MA federal election A woman who demanded that her ballot be accepted instead of her Democratic husband's, voted for Grant. Rev., 19 Nov. 1868.  
10 Nov 1868 Roseville NJ   Hannah Blackwell and Lucy Stone tried to vote. Rev., 12 Nov. 1868.  
11 Nov 1868 Vineland NJ federal election Having provided their own ballots and box, 172 women, both white and black, voted "Names of Women who Voted in Vineland, Nov. 3rd 1868," Woman's Rights and Suffrage File, NjVHi.  
12 Mar 1869 Vineland NJ local election In a separate ballot box, 182 women cast ballots. Rev., 18 March 1869.  
13 Apr 1869 Washington DC   White and black women, Eliza J. Anderson, Sarah Evans, Caroline W. Moore, Sarah Richardson, M. G. Smith, Julia A. Wilbur, and Louisa C. Butler, requested registration in the 1st Ward. SBA scrapbook 3.  
14 June 1869 Washington DC   Twenty–eight women applied to register. New York Tribune, 2 June 1869.  
15 Fall 1869 Baltimore MD   Lavinia C. Dundore, Mrs. A. M. Gardner, and Ellen M. Harris, at a recent election in Baltimore, applied to register in the 3d Ward. Rev., 20 Jan. 1870.  
16 Fall 1869 New York NY   Honora Arthur tried to vote in the 5th Ward. Rev., 16 Dec. 1869.  
17 Fall 1869 White River WA   Mary Olney Brown and her daughter tried to vote. History, 3:780–84.  
18 Nov 1869 Worcester MA   A young woman voted. Rev., 11 Nov. 1869.  
19 Nov 1869 Vineland NJ county election In a separate ballot box, 214 women voted. Rev., 18 Nov. 1869.  
20   1870 Grand Mound WA   Many women voted, including Charlotte Olney French and Mrs. Sargent. The women of the adjacent Black River precinct voted on the same day. History, 3:784.  
21   1870 Olympia WA   Mary Olney Brown, Mrs. Patterson, and Mrs. Wiley tried to vote. History, 3:785.  
22 Mar 1870 Hyde Park MA local election About 50 women, including Angelina Grimké Weld, Sarah Grimké, and Sarah M. Stuart, cast ballots in a separate box. WJ, 12 Aug. 1871.  
23 Mar 1870 Dover NH   Marilla M. Ricker tried to vote. History, 2:586–87.  
24 Mar 1870 Vineland NJ local election In a separate box, 161 women cast ballots. Independent, 17 Mar. 1870.  
25 July 1870 Ithaca NY local election Women whose names were on the tax-roll voted on a waterworks question. WJ, 16 July 1870.  
26 Oct 1870   SC   Five black women voted. The managers of the election were arrested. WJ, 29 Apr. 1871.  
27 Nov 1870 Vineland NJ   About 130 women cast ballots in a separate box. WJ, 19 Nov. 1870.  
28   1871 Charleston SC   Two black women voted at late election, and were fined $10 and costs. Chicago Tribune, 8 Feb. 1871.  
29   1871 South Newbury OH local election Nine women tried to vote, including Lima Ober, Lovina Greene, Hophni Smith, Ruth F. Munn, Perleyette M. Burnett, Sophia L. O. Allen, Mary Hodges, Lydia Smith, and Sarah A. Knox. History, 3:502.  
30 Mar 1871 Detroit MI   Nannette B. Gardner was allowed to register in 1st district, 9th Ward, but Catharine Stebbins was refused registration in the 5th Ward. Gardner voted in April. WJ, 8, 15 Apr. 1871; Rev., 6, 13 Apr. 1871.  
31 Mar 1871 Dover NH   Marilla M. Ricker successfully voted. History, 2:586–87.  
32 Mar 1871 Hammonton NJ   Fifteen women tried to vote. W&CW, 1 Apr. 1871.  
33 Apr 1871 Bridgeport CT   Olympia Brown, Anna M. Middlebrook, and 10 others tried to register. Middlebrook and one other woman tried to vote and were refused again. W&CW, 22 Apr. 1871.  
34 Apr 1871 East Haddam CT   Miss Watrous Mather, Miss Smith, and 18 other women applied to register. Mather and Smith tried to vote and were refused again. WJ, 22 Apr. 1871.  
35 Apr 1871 Hadlyme CT   E. Louisa Mather and 9 other women attempted to register. Mather tried to vote and was refused again. W&CW, 22 Apr. 1871.  
36 Apr 1871 Newtown CT   Two women tried to register. W&CW, 22 Apr. 1871.  
37 Apr 1871 Trumbull CT   Five women tried to register. W&CW, 22 Apr. 1871.  
38 Apr 1871 Washington DC   First, women tried to register and then they tried to vote History, 2:587–99; Rev., 20, 27 Apr. 1871.  
39 Apr 1871 Battle Creek MI   Mary Wilson voted. Rev., 6, 13, 20 Apr., 11 May 1871.  
40 Apr 1871 Yellow Springs OH local election About 20 women, most of them connected with Antioch College, tried to vote. Rev., 11, 25 May, 22 June 1871.  
41 May 1871 Waterbury CT   Women tried to vote. Rev., 18 May 1871.  
42 May 1871 Newport NY local election Fifteen women voted and elected the temperance slate of officers. Rev., 25 May 1871.  
43 July 1871 Santa Cruz CA   Ellen R. P. Van Valkenburg applied for registration. See 20 Aug. 1871 in volume 2 of the Selected Papers.  
44 July 1871 Fayetteville NY local election Matilda J. Gage and 9 other property-holding women tried to vote in an election to decide on a tax levy. WJ, 26 Aug. 1871.  
45 July 1871 Johnson Co. NC   Dressed in men's clothing, 200 black women registered and voted. WJ, 12 Aug. 1871.  
46 Aug 1871 Santa Clara Co. CA   Fanny B. Ames, Laura J. Watkins, Louisa Smith, and Mrs. Severance applied to register. Their names were taken but not registered. WJ, 2 Sept. 1872.  
47 Sept 1871 Philadelphia PA   Carrie Burnham registered to vote. She tried to vote in October, but her ballot was refused. Maurer, "Carrie Burnham Kilgore."  
48 Nov 1871 Hyde Park IL   Catharine V. Waite tried to register. Chicago Tribune, 21, 30 Nov. 1871, 13 Jan. 1872; Chicago Legal News, 25 Nov. 1871.  
49 Nov 1871 Taylor Co. IA   Kitty Anderson voted. Rev., 25 Nov. 1871.  
50 Nov 1871 Brooklyn NY   Helen Marion Walton tried to vote in the 4th Ward. She left her ballot on the ballot box. Rev., 9 Dec. 1871.  
51 Nov 1871 New York NY local election Twelve women, including Victoria Woodhull, Tennessee Claflin, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Leland, Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. Thompson, and Margaret M. Miller tried to vote in the 23d district, 21st Ward. Only Miller succeeded. Rev., 18 Nov. 1871.  
52 Nov 1871 Nyack NY local election Louisa D. Mansfield, principal, and Mrs. Merrill, Miss Pettis, and Miss Hendricksen, teachers of the Rockland Female Institute, registered. When they voted, their ballots were placed in a hat. Rev., 25 Nov. 1871.  
53 Nov 1871 Richmond VA   When Anna W. Bodeker's ballot was refused, she deposited a message about her rights in the ballot box. History, 3:824; WJ, 2 Dec. 1871.  
54 Dec 1871 Landis Twp. NJ local election Portia K. Gage and 10 to 12 other taxpaying women tried to vote in an election on bonding the town to build factories. WJ, 13 Apr. 1871.  
55 Dec 1871 Memphis TN local election Several women, including Elizabeth A. Meriwether, registered. WJ, 9 Dec. 1871.  
56   1872 Oswego NY   Mary E. Walker attempted to vote. NAW.  
57   1872 South Newbury OH federal, state & local elections A group of women tried unsuccessfully to vote throughout the year. WJ, 18 Oct. 1873.  
58 Feb 1872 Vallejo CA   Seven women voted at a special election. WJ, 10 Feb. 1872.  
59 Mar 1872 Hartford CT   Sixteen women, including Isabella B. Hooker and 9 taxpayers, Mrs. William Mather, Mrs. Laura P. Kellogg, Mrs. Delia B. Jewett, Mrs. Mary C. Patterson, Mrs. Jane E. Baker, Mrs. L. A. White, Miss A. M. King, Mrs. Eliza Cowles and Mrs. Laura K. Dewey, applied to register. Connecticut WSA Records; WJ, 16, 30 Mar. 1871.  
60 Fall 1872 Baltimore MD   Ellen M. Harris and Lavinia C. Dundore tried to register. When they sought to bring suit, Republican lawyers refused to take their case. WJ, 21 June 1873.  
61 Oct 1872 Norwalk CT   Sarah M. T. Huntington registered. When her name was omitted from the voting list in November, her attempt to vote was blocked. Another woman attempted to register but had not complied with the preliminary legal requirements. Connecticut WSA Records and see 11 Nov. 1872 in volume 2 of the Selected Papers.  
62 Oct 1872 St. Louis MO federal election Virginia L. Minor tried to register. History, 2:715–16, 3:606.  
63 Nov 1872 Hartford CT   F. Ellen Burr and Isabella B. Hooker registered but were not allowed to vote. WJ, 9 Nov. 1872.  
64 Nov 1872 Nevada IA federal election Mrs. J. B. Irwin voted for Grant and Wilson. SBA scrapbook 6.  
65 Nov 1872 Battle Creek MI   Sojourner Truth attempted to register and vote. Narrative of Sojourner Truth, 231–32.  
66 Nov 1872 Detroit MI   Nannette B. Gardner registered and voted. Catharine Stebbins tried to register and vote in the 5th Ward. WJ, 23 Nov. 1872.  
67 Nov 1872 Jersey City NJ   Two women tried to register. WJ, 9 Nov. 1872.  
68 Nov 1872 New York NY   Women voted in the 17th Ward. SBA scrapbook 6.  
69 Nov 1872 Nyack NY   Mrs. George W. Mann, Mrs. G. D. Wilson and others tried to vote. Savell, Ladies' Lib, 15.  
70 Nov 1872 Rochester NY federal election Attempts to register were made by Mrs. Dr. Dutton, Mrs. Lathrop, Mrs. Dr. Wheeler, Mrs. Allen, Charlotte W. Griffing, and others. SBA and 14 other women voted in the 8th Ward. See SBA scrapbook 6, and 5 Nov. 1872 in volume 2 of the Selected Papers.  
71 Nov 1872 Toledo OH federal election Mrs. J. P. Angier, Mary B. Gleason and Sarah S. Bissell attempted to vote in the 1st Ward, Mary Jane Barker and Mrs. James G. Nolen in the 3d Ward, Mrs. Baird in the 5th Ward, and Charlotte L. Williams and Sarah R. L. Williams in the 8th Ward. Barker and Nolen voted. SBA scrapbook 6; Toledo Daily Blade, 5 Nov. 1872.  
72 Nov 1872 Portland OR   Abigail S. Duniway and three other women, white and black, registered and voted, but the ballots were received under protest and may have been thrown out. New York Times, 28 Nov 1872; Moynihan, Rebel for Rights, 85.  
73   1873 Rochester NY local election SBA, Mary Pulver, and Mary Hebard voted. See 4 Mar. 1873 in volume 2 of the Selected Papers.  
74 Mar-
1873 Glastonbury CT   Julia E. Smith, Abby H. Smith, and 4 other women registered to vote. When they later tried to vote, they found their names had been removed from the rolls. WJ, 19 Apr., 31 May, 6 Dec. 1873.  
75 May 1873 South Newbury OH local election Fourteen women tried to vote at a municipal election. They placed their tickets, which called for equal suffrage, in their own ballot box. Seventeen women who could not come to the polls sent in their ballots. WJ, 10 May, 18 Oct. 1873.  
76 Oct 1873 Rochester NY state election Amy K. Post and Sarah E. Owen attempted to register to vote. Democrat and Chronicle, 18 Oct. 1873.  
77 Nov 1873 Worcester MA   Nellie Barnard tried to vote. WJ, 22 Nov. 1873.  
78 Nov 1873 Detroit MI   Catharine Stebbins and Mrs. H. J. Boutelle tried to register to vote in the 5th Ward. Nannette Gardner voted in the 9th Ward. WJ, 22 Nov. 1873.  
79 Nov 1873 Rochester NY   SBA attempted to vote. WJ, 15 Nov. 1873.  
80 Nov 1873 South Newbury OH federal election Several women tried to vote. History, 3:502.  
81 after 
1873 New York NY   Mathilde C. Weil attempted to register but was refused, the registrar telling her, "It cannot be done, since Miss Anthony tried it." M. J. Gage scrapbooks.